Planning and Zoning

Mission Statement

Provide A Planning Process That Allows Public Participation For A Consistent, Open Approach To Determine Community Needs Setting Goals & Priorities


  • Develop a Town plan for consistent local government decisions on land uses.
  • Develop Town plans that benefit and protect
    • The Land & Ground Water (both quantity and quality)
    • Residents' Safety, Health and Welfare
    • All Land Owners
    • The Environment
  • Establish and implement joint planning efforts between the Town, the City of Onalaska, the Village of Holmen, the Town of Holland, the School District of Holmen and Lake Onalaska District.
  • Provide programs that preserve the open space and the rural quality of life.


  • Assess the impacts of proposed developments on the environment, on traffic and roads, on the net tax revenue generated, and on the overall quality of life for residents.
  • Implement sound and effective storm water management standards and practices to protect ground water and property.
  • Engage in soil and water conservation policies and practices.
  • Preserve and protect wetlands and the resources of Lake Onalaska and the Upper Mississippi National Fish and Wildlife Refuge. Work in collaboration with the  United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) to protect, enhance, and expand the Refuge.


  • Establish and enforce appropriate development density thresholds and locations for agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial development.
  • Employ Smart Growth principles such as those that encourage residential, commercial and light industrial development to be located where a full range of public services (water, sewer, fire, police, HAZMAT, etc.) and adequate transportation systems are available or can be easily extended from existing service areas.

Zoning District Breakdown by Acreage


Agricultural District A:     10440 acres

Ag. District A:  Allows general farming and any type of residential use (single family, duplex, multi-family)

Agricultural District B:     224.82 acres

Ag. District B:  Farming, mining, other open outdoor uses, rod/gun clubs, etc.

Commercial District B:     132.72 acres

Commercial Districts:  Commercial uses, starting with light commercial in district A 

Commercial District C:     23.74 acres

more into manufacturing as you move to district C.

Exclusive Agricultural District:     10711.43 acres

Farming only.  One home per 35 acres.

Industrial District:     1054.43 acres
Residential District A:     759.82 acres

Single family homes

Residential District B:     7.24 acres

Single Family Homes or Duplex 

Residential District C:     7.48 acres

Single Family, Duplex, or Multi Family 

Transitional Agricultural District:     3560.15 acres

Farming only.  One home per 35 acres.

Mobile Home Court District:     .92 acres
The total acreage of zoned lands in the town is:  26922 acres

Total acreage in the town is:  28461

The difference in the numbers, 1539 acres, is comprised of water and road ROW that is unzoned.