Harter’s Quick Clean-Up Free Shred Day: Town of Onalaska residents have been invited by Harter’s Quick Clean-Up to participate in their free shred day  Friday-Saturday October 14/15 at 2850 Larson Street, LaCrosse, 8AM to Noon each day.  Your first 100 pounds of documents is free.  There is a charge for over 100 pounds.  Business and Homeowners welcome.


Seasonal Weight restrictions (road bans) will be lifted Friday March 26, 2021 effective when the signs are removed.

The Town of Onalaska  seasonal weight restrictions imposed on Town Roadways will be lifted Friday, March 26, 2021.  Crews will start remooving the Friday morning.  The weight restriction on a pariicular roadway will lifted as soon as the sign is taken down.